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Kutner Law LLP has a long history of over 30 years of working with dentists and their professional advisors including accountants and dental brokers to meet our clients’ goals. We can assist our dentist clients throughout each step of their career including:

  • Purchasing or Selling a Dental Practice – Kutner Law has the experience to assist our clients with the purchasing and selling of dental practices. In the past year alone we have been involved in over 40 purchases and sales of dental practices. Regardless of the complexity of the transaction there is a very good chance we have dealt with it before. We work closely with our dental clients to ensure that their goals are being met. Our advantage lies in our over 30 years of experience. We will review and/or draft dental purchase and sales agreements without charge. Our goal is to help structure and close your deal with reliability, efficiency and in a cost effective manner.
  • Incorporation - Incorporating a professional corporation ensures that you are taking advantage of the tax benefits associated with professional incorporation. We will work with you to ensure you understand these benefits and we can assist you in setting up your own professional corporation.
  • Associate Agreements – We can assist with the drafting and consulting on associate agreements for recent graduates entering into an established office or for a dentist seeking to hire an associate.
  • Leases – We can assist in reviewing and negotiating lease agreements to ensure that your interests and goals are met.
  • Employment Agreements – We can negotiate and draft employment agreements with your staff members.
  • Estate Planning – In all likelihood over the course of your career you have amassed a large patient roster. We can work with you to ensure that a plan is in place to protect your practice in the event something unexpected happens to you.

Recent Posts

12 February

UPDATE: Termination Clauses in Employment Agreements May be Unenforceable

In a previous blog post, we advised our clients of the recent Ontario Court of Appeal (“ONCA”) decision in Swegon North America Inc. v. Waksdale, 2020 ONCA 391, and the potential fallout for employers relying on written employment contracts and the employer’s termination provisions contained therein. To summarize, in Waksdale,

16 October

Recent Changes in Law for Employers: Termination Clauses May be Unenforceable

As many of our clients are businessowners who rely on the terms and conditions of their employee contracts to manage their practices/clinics on a daily basis, our team at Kutner Law LLP is constantly monitoring the changes in the law that would impact them. To facilitate this goal, we have